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Kreider Corporation - Building Value Added Products, Dynamic Metal Stamping

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The toolmakers in the tool and die shop are proud of the fact that we build what we run. We build customer owned tooling that is capable of producing massive amounts of quality production parts. The parts produced by these tools are accurate and repeatable over years of service with little or no repair needed.

We have the ability to build progressive dies, single and multiple hit pierce and form dies, as well as special machines, multi-slide tools and weld fixtures.

We work with engineering to develop prototype parts to prove our customer designs and then use that data to build production tooling that will make dimensionally correct production parts.

When our customer approves the completed parts, we can build checking gages to ensure the quality and accuracy expected in today’s marketplace. 

Quality and attention to detail show in our work.




           Rawac Plating is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company